WMO Chronology of Weather Science

WMO Chronology of Weather Science

Visit the multimedia WMO Chronology of Weather Science and fly through the history of weather research on the traces of the people and institutions that have supported the progress of Earth System Science!

Jules CharneyExperts will accompany you from the beginnings of weather research in the early 20th Century to the advent of the first electronic computers and satellites then onward to the super computers that have revolutionized numerical weather prediction. The online museum showcases contributions that international weather science has made to society over the last decades and highlights the role of WMO in facilitating this research.

On the timeline, you can hear diverse perspectives of the historical breakthroughs in weather science and their impact on society! Interviewees evoke personal memories, such as that of Jule Charney and the progress in numerical weather prediction. The timeline focuses in on the international research campaigns that started in the 1960s, such as the Global Atmospheric Research Project (GARP).

We encourage visitors to contribute facts, comments or anecdotes and supporting visuals to enrich the WMO Chronology of Weather Science. Do you have any material to share? Please contact the World Weather Research Programme at wwr@wmo.int





The WMO Chronology of Weather Science was developed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Weather Research Programme in 2018. Leading experts that have made an impact on international weather research over the last 50 years tell their story in the Chronology. Audio clips are supplemented by images, videos and explanatory texts as well as references to external information.