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March 2023


2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the International Meteorological Organization, the predecessor of WMO.

Global water information services will change the game on how countries adapt to climate change, manage water resources sustainably, and build resilience. WMO stands ready to support Member in implementing such water monitoring and information...

Highlights of WCRP workshop that addressed critical scientific questions and key technical challenges for k-scale models and the organization of the k-scale modelling section of the Digital Earths Lighthouse Activity.

This campaign's success is critically linked to wide participation by both wxUAS operators and potential users of these new observations.

Effective and targeted communication and dissemination of weather and climate information is essential to build resilience and adapt to climate change.

The CREWS initiative has approved a US$ 7 million regional project to scale up hydrometeorological and Early Warning Services (EWS) in six countries in Africa.