Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (GGGW)

Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (GGGW)

– A WMO coordinated global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure

Sustained, routine global monitoring of greenhouse gas concentrations and fluxes is required to help us understand climate change and to provide support to mitigation action taken by the Parties to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement.

(A Year In The Life Of Earth’s CO2, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)

Currently, most GHG monitoring undertaken globally relies heavily on research capabilities and research funding. The intermittent nature of most research funding and the competitive processes used for its allocation makes sustained global monitoring difficult to achieve.

Given the increasing focus on the role of GHGs as a driver of climate change and the need to strengthen the GHG information basis for decisions on climate mitigation efforts, WMO is working with the broader greenhouse gas monitoring community to develop a framework for sustained, internationally coordinated global greenhouse gas monitoring.

•  Information and registration to the Workshop on observations within the GGGW  at WMO 3-5 October 2023, can be found here

•  Information on the International GHG Monitoring Symposium, at WMO 30 January - 1 February 2022, can be found here

•  The GGGW Brochure and Flyers for Cg-19 can be downloaded: 


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24 May 2023 World Meteorological Congress approves Global Greenhouse Gas Watch  

Approved Cg-19 Resolution on GGGW can be found here

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