Tentative Programme of meetings between January 2024 and June 2027

Tentative Programme of meetings between January 2024 and June 2027


Start date

15 October 2024

End date

31 December 2026

Tentative Programme of Constituent Body Sessions, Meetings of Subsidiary Bodies of the Executive Council and other major meetings of interest between 2024–2027 

Date Place Body and Session Category
15-19 January 2024 Geneva, Switzerland EC-HCP Subsidiary bodies
16-19 January 2024 Istanbul, Türkiye 60th session of the IPCC Meetings of Interest
5-6 February 2024 Virtual EC-CDP Subsidiary bodies
12-15 February 2024 Oslo, Norway EC-PHORS Subsidiary bodies
4-9 March 2024 Bali, Indonesia SERCOM-3 and Gender Conference Technical Commissions
2024 TBC RA IV-19 PHASE I Regional Associations
15-19 April 2024 Geneva, Switzerland INFCOM-3 Technical Commissions
22-26 April 2024 Geneva, Switzerland TCC-PAC Subsidiary Bodies
22-26 April 2024 Geneva, Switzerland EC-CDP Subsidiary Bodies
13-15 May 2024 Virtual RA I-19 PHASE I Regional Associations
16 May 2024 Online AMCOMET Other
18-24 May 2024 Bali, Indonesia 10th World Water Forum Meetings of Interest
3-13 June 2024 Bonn, Germany UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference Meetings of Interest
10-14 June Geneva, Switzerland EC-78 Executive Council
23-26 September 2024 London, United Kingdon 2nd WMO-IMO Symposium on Extreme Maritime Weather Meetings of Interest
9-12 September 2024 (TBC) Jeddah, Saudia Arabic RA II-18 PHASE I Regional Associations
October 2024 TBC RA VI-19 PHASE I Regional Associations
2024 TBC COP29 Meetings of Interest
2024 TBC RA III-19 PHASE I Regional Associations
2025 TBC RA IV-19 PHASE II Regional Associations
2025 TBC RA VI-19 PHASE II Regional Associations
2025 TBC RA II-18 PHASE II Regional Associations
2025 Switzerland 8th Session of the Global Platform Meetings of Interest
16-20 June 2025 Geneva, Switzerland Cg-Ext. Congress
June 2025 Geneva, Switzerland EC-79 Executive Council
2025 TBC RA V-19 PHASE I Regional Associations
March 2026 TBC SERCOM-4 Technical Commissions
April 2026 TBC INFCOM-4 Technical Commissions
June 2026 Geneva, Switzerland EC-80 Executive Council
2026 TBC RA V-19 PHASE II Regional Associations
2026 TBC RA III-19 PHASE II Regional Associations
2027 TBC RA I-19 PHASE II Regional Associations
3-14 May 2027 Geneva, Switzerland Cg-20 Congress
June 2027 Geneva, Switzerland EC-81 Executive Council



Cg: World Meteorological Congress

EC: Executive Council

RA: Regional Association

SERCOM: Services Commission

INFCOM: Infrastructure Commission

AOC Audit and Oversight Committee;

CDP Capacity Development Panel;

EC-PHORS: Executive Council Panel on Polar and High Mountain Observations, Research and Services

TCC: Technical Coordination Committee

PAC: Policy Advisory Committee

HCP: Hydrological Coordination Panel

CDP: Capacity Development Panel


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