Procurement and Contract Management

Procurement and Contract Management

The objective of the procurement activities within the WMO is to achieve best value for money for the acquisition of goods and services in a manner that supports fairness, integrity and transparency, and is directed towards maximum economy and effectiveness within, and in accordance with, the objectives of the Organization.

Best value for money is defined – with respect to the goods or services sought – as the most advantageous balance between:

  • Compliance with the technical requirements
  • Quality
  • Cost, including total lifecycle cost when applicable
  • Compliance with WMO standard contractual conditions
  • Warranty and long term sustainability arrangements
  • Ethical and environmental considerations

As part of this process, the following principles are followed:

WMO, in accordance with the policy of United Nations agencies participating in the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM, link below) , strictly enforces a zero tolerance approach to unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent actions by Vendors.

WMO promotes procurement from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, provided that this effort remains compatible with the objective of achieving best value for money. 

Fairness and transparency are fundamental principles for WMO procurement activities. Bidders that believe they were not treated fairly in connection with a WMO procurement action may submit a Letter of Protest. In addition, WMO has a strict “No-gifts, no-hospitality” policy which is applicable to all Vendors. WMO personnel involved in the procurement process may not accept gifts or hospitality from current or potential Vendors.

Business opportunities:

To do business with the WMO, a Vendor must first be registered using the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM), Vendor registration portal. Details of the Vendor registration process can be found on the Vendor Registration page. Here you can find detailed instruction on how to register in the UNGM portal.

The WMO posts all tenders through the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)  and encourages potential vendors to register at the basic level through the UNGM. 

Latests tenders:

HydroHub Innovation Call for ”Operational Hydrometry” Northern Widget LLC 23-Oct-2018
Crisis communication Browning & Associates 24-Jan-2018
Media Training Escott Hunt 03-Apr-2018
For the supply of a Gold Medal for the Sixty-second IMO Prize M.M.I. Group Ltd 19-Jan-2018
Provision of Services for the Microsoft Project Online Configuration and Support EVERIS SPAIN S.L. 19-Dec-2017

Facility Mangement

ISS Facility Services (FM contract)

Topnet (cleaning)



Building Facility Management services (Expression of Interest)    
Provision of Physical Access Control System (PACS) Etavis tsa 30-Oct-2017
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system Etavis tsa 17-Jul-2017
To establish a Long Term Agreement (LTA) for Printing Services PRINCO S.A - GRAF ART - Officine Grafiche Artistiche - s.r.l. - VILLIERE SA - Xerox AG 29-Jun-2017
Framework agreement for Video and/or Animation production services ROOFTOP VIDEO PRODUCTIONS CC - Skiprock Creative, LLC 07-Jun-2017
Accord cadre pour travaux d'èlectricité au siège de l'OMM Genève Etavis Tsa 19-jun-2017
For the provision of valuation assessment of the WMO building CBRE (Geneva) SA 15-Mar-2017
Short Animations and Videos Snoball film AS 06-Mar-2017

For a full list of our Tenders, please visit the UNGM portal.

What we buy:

As an international organization, the WMO purchases a vast range of products and services from suppliers around the world. In 2016, 70% of WMO procurement activities were carried out in the following categories:

  • Information Technology Service Delivery and software
  • Facilities management services
  • Security services
  • Transportation, travel tickets and hotel rooms and services
  • Meteorology instruments, satellite receiving equipment and services
  • Radiosonde apparatus, weather stations and hydrological instuments
  • Other specialized equipment

In addition, the WMO also procures corporate services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Catering
  • Conference and translation services
  • International and local consultancies
  • Training
  • Public relations services

Please visit the UNGM portal for the Annual Statistical report on United Nations Procurement.

The WMO General Terms and Conditions:

It is mandatory that all suppliers who wish to do business with WMO should accept and abide by the WMO General conditions of contract for provision of Goods and Services.

The WMO Debriefing and Protest Procedures:

Debriefing Procedures

Protest Procedures



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